About me

I was born in the west coast of Sardinia in 1972 and I live in Olbia (east coast), near Costa Smeralda and La Maddalena Archipelago National Park. 
Since I can remember, I’ve had a passion for the wilderness and adventure, perhaps it has started when my father took me up to 2914 metres (Gran Sasso Mountain) at the age of 6. 

I’m a certified hiking guide (Regional Guide registered also at La Maddalena National Park) and sea-kayak coach, I began in 2004 as hiking guide and few years later as sea kayak guide then in 2015 as sea kayak coach.
I’ve learned my job everywhere in Sardinia, from the rock faces of the Gennargentu Mountain to the amazing sea of La Maddalena Archipelago; I've taken many hiking courses in the Appennino Mountains (Italy) as well as kayak courses from great coaches in Italy and even Brazil.

I’ve run almost 2.500 excursions (land based and sea kayaking) and hundreds courses (orienteering, cartography, sea kayaking, team building etc.) and I still have strong passion for my job.
I also work as educator of sustainable tourism, ecotourism and adventure tourism.

In 2018 I founded Confcommercio Adventure Travel, the North Sardinia Adventure Companies Association, click here to see the Association's Website.

My motto is "continuously improving", I like to learn from older colleagues during our meetings or working together.

Claudio Desiati


Hiking guide

Certified by Sardinian Government

Sea kayak coach

Certified by FICK - Italian Canoe Kayak
Federation. This is the italian certification of EPP - Euro Paddle Pass - the European kayak standard.