Packages for school Sardinia


Respecting and understanding the environment is particularly topical these days.  Trekking and kayaking are a sure way to know and appreciate nature.
These activities are usually reserved for adults, but offers day-long programs to schools.  These are a mix of theory and practice about hiking, trekking and kayaking, and are designed for children of all ages.  The lessons and the practice  will be calibrated according to their ages.  

This is a typical Trekking course program for children: clothing for hiking, binoculars, using a compass, using an altimeter and a barometer, headlamps, Nordic sticks, backpack, maps, survival blanket, first aid kit

At breaks, during our walk, the children will become interested in using orienteering tools and will learn what is necessary to prepare a trip safely.

Below a trekking program for older boys.

Hiking – trekking - nordic walking- climbing-mountaineering-scrambling
Equipment and materials
Organizing a trip
Physical training
Provisioning of food and supplies
Mountain safety
Understanding mountain signs and bulletins
Safeguarding the mountain environment
Essential first aid and mountain rescue
Topography and map reading
Radio devices