I met Claudio Desiati over the Internet

Millie Ball from US

“I met Claudio Desiati over the Internet. And, lest you think my vacations are spicier than they really are, I hasten to add that he is the owner of Sardinian Discovery, which specializes in Jeep tours across the unspoiled forests and beaches that make Sardinia a go-to destination for the glitterati. We spent the afternoon chasing wild albino donkeys that roam the island's national parks, chugging through sandy off-roads to explore isolated beaches, climbing trails up a cliff or two to catch a breathless view from the base of a crumbling 14th-century tower. It was all about the scenery, and, though I'm sure Claudio wasn't quite sure what to do with a three-generation family ranging from a recent high school graduate to a 76-year-old grandmother with an artificial knee, he plunged gamely into a jaunt that took us from the porch of a government fire tower perched on a mountain to a rustic beachside bar where locals dance in the moonlight on Saturday nights. Such is the world of the people who offer excursions over the Internet”

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